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Monday, 5 September 2016 - The Conference visits the Ecole Polytechnique

The Ecole Polytechnique is very international (30% of its students and 18% of the teacher--researchers) and combines education, research and innovation at the highest scientific and technological levels.

The "X", as it is called, selects students for its three academic programmes. First, engineering, which accepts 500 students per year, including 100 foreign students, and covers a four-year programme of multidisciplinary scientific studies. Then, the Master programme, which offers close to 30 “major” subjects. And, finally, the doctoral school, with its 575 PhD students in all of the disciplines covered by the research centre. Its original multidisciplinary model, based on science and engineering, guarantees strong integration between the three levels and its research centre, and includes in-depth development of behavioural and social skills in its academic programme.

The School's research centre has 20 laboratories, co-managed by the CNRS and other institutions. It employs 1,600 specialists in all of the disciplines covered by the School: biology, chemistry, economics, information technology, mathematics, applied mathematics, mechanical engineering, physics, and human and social sciences. It combines in-depth study of the most fundamental aspects of research in order to advance knowledge with the study of more applied topics, which will meet the scientific, technological and societal challenges of the 20th century. This ecosystem favours innovation.

The Ecole Polytechnique has implemented a proactive policy to engage in partnerships with business, in particular through its 16 education and research chairs. In parallel, it is involved in transferring technology through patent licences and the creation of startups. It also promotes a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst its students.

The Ecole Polytechnique's Foundation supports its actions by bringing together the School, the students and its teacher-researchers, and the world of business. In partnership with the Alumni Association, it contributes to raising the visibility of the School.

The School is pursuing its international development by entering into strategic partnerships with targeted institutions, thereby guaranteeing reciprocal exchanges among students, teachers and researchers.

Finally, the School is a member of ParisTech and also a founding member of the Paris-Saclay University. This extensive national project creates new synergies and greater cooperation among its academic and scientific partners.